RedWolf Pewter Brooches & Clasps

Produced by Redwolf Ltd, these brooches and clasps bear designs by Reannag Teine, thus any of these designs can also be had on pottery. .

  • Turtle Brooch, Dragonredwolf
  • Turtle Brooch, Ravenredwolf
  • Turtle Brooch, Wolfredwolf
  • Turtle Brooch, Horseredwolf
  • Turtle Brooch, Boarredwolf

  • Turtle Brooch,  Owlredwolf
  • Turtle Brooch, Bearredwolf
  • Turtle Brooch, Pegasusredwolf
These oval turtle brooches, styled after Viking turtle brooches, all bear unique Reannag Teine designs. Cast pewter with durable hand-forged bronze pin backs. Large brooch approx. 2 " H x 1 " W & small brooch approx. 1 " H x 1" W. All Styles are subject to availability.

  • Brooch Backsredwolf

  • Round Brooch, Horseredwolf
  • Round Brooch, Dragonredwolf
  • Round Brooch, Wolfredwolf
  • Round Brooch, Frogredwolf
  • Round Brooch, Boarredwolf

  • Round Brooch, Armed Bearsredwolf
  • Round Brooch, Pegasusredwolf
  • Round Brooch, Greyhoundredwolf
  • Round Brooch, Lionredwolf
  • Round Brooch, Wold Triskeleredwolf

  • Round Brooch, Pelicanredwolf
  • Round Brooch, Laurelredwolf
  • Round Brooch, Pelican Laurelredwolf
  • Round Brooch, Catredwolf
  • Round Brooch, Triple Thistleredwolf

  • Round Brooch, Ornate Thistleredwolf
  • Round Brooch, Double Gryphonredwolf
  • Round Brooch, Single Frogredwolf
  • Round Brooch, Gecko/Lizardredwolf
  • Round Brooch, Alpaca/Llamaredwolf

  • Round Brooch, Sheepredwolf
  • Round Brooch, Goatredwolf
  • Round Brooch, Rabbitredwolf
  • Round Brooch, Four Bird Knotredwolf
  • Raven Round Broochredwolf
... Pictures Owl Brooches Coming Soon...
Also of cast pewter with hand-forged pin backs and clasps, these round brooches and cloak clasps are also bear unique Reannag Teine designs. The cloak clasps are two round brooches linked by a hand-forged bronze loop and hook closure. Approx. 2 " D Round Brooches and Clasps, approx. 1 " D Small Brooches. All Styles are subject to availability.

  • Large Brooch, Large Cloak Clasp, & Small Broochredwolf
  • redwolf

Patterns #1-10
Patterns #11-20
Brooch Style
Patterns #21-30


Copper Chainmail BraceletBecause of the all the questions asked of the copper chain bracelets we made for ourselves, we have put up a sales page for those interested in ordering them. Many people advocate wearing copper bracelets for joint pain or stiffness (benefits possibly due to absorption of trace minerals through the skin), but bangles can press on nerves and so many commercially-made copper bracelets are coated to keep them bright--which keeps you from coming in contact with the copper at all. The copper we use is uncoated so you do come in contact with the metal, which also means it will change color and develop a patina. What Are the Benefits of Wearing Copper Bracelets?

  • Copper Byzantine Chain BraceletCopper Byzantine Chain Bracelet
    Copper Byzantine Chain Bracelet

  • Copper Byzantine Chain Bracelet with handmade lampwork bead (beads vary)Copper Byzantine Chain Braceletwith handmade lampwork bead (beads vary)
    Copper Byzantine Chain Braceletwith handmade lampwork bead (beads vary)
Copper chain bracelet made with hand-sawn 14-gauge links and handmade hook closure.

Bracelet Size
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