4 Zodiac PlatesOriginally inspired by a special request for a Pisces design in the same style as the Sagittarius Night Lady, here are the rest of the Zodiac Signs. The details of the shape and painting will vary from piece to piece since each is individually hand-made.

  • Sagittarius Cupoctopus
  • Capricorn Cupoctopus
  • Psices Cup, both sidesoctopus
  • Taurus Cupoctopus
  • Cancer Cupoctopus
  • Leo Cupoctopus
  • Virgo Cupoctopus
  • Libra Cupoctopus
  • Scorpio Cupoctopus
14-16oz handless cup

Images of Aquarius, Aries, & Gemini forthcoming
  • Sagittarius Mugoctopus
  • Capricorn Mug, side 1octopus
  • Capricorn Mug, side 2octopus
  • Pisces Mugoctopus
  • Aries Mugoctopus
  • Gemini Mug, side 1octopus
  • Gemini Mug, side 2octopus

  • Cancer Mugoctopus
  • Leo Mug, side1octopus
  • Leo Mug, side 2octopus
16oz handled cup

Images of Aquarius, Taurus, Virgo, Libra, & Scorpio forthcoming
  • Sagittarius Bowloctopus
  • Pisces Bowloctopus
  • Cancer Bowloctopus
5" across

Images of other signs forthcoming
  • Sagittarius Plateoctopus
  • Gemini, Virgo, Taurus, & Pisces Platesoctopus
  • Cancer Bowloctopus
  • Leo Plateoctopus
8-9" dinner plate

Images of Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries, Libra, & Scorpio forthcoming
1-person Setting
Plate, bowl, & 14oz handless cup     $95
Plate, bowl, & 16oz handled mug     $100
Set Options
Set Option
Look here for more variety in Pisces & Sagittarius

History & Documentation

With it's origins tracing back to 3000 BCE, depictions of the zodiacal signs have appeared ever since. At left is the zodiac as it appeared in a 16th century woodcut. In the past it was a learned tradition, sustained in courts, cultural centers and universities, and was closely related to the studies of astronomy, alchemy, meteorology, and medicine. And though it declined in credibility in the 17th century, the 20th century brought it back, particularly through the popularizing effect of newspaper horoscopes and New Age philosophies.

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