Vicious Viking War Sheep

Spinner's Flock Ewe BoatGet ready for baa-d puns, for now the sheep are fighting back and taking matters into their own, uh, hooves? A broken shepherd's crook on the sail of their ewe-boats, the sheep go a-raiding. There's the sheep shots and the "Baa-ewe" Tapestry casserole dish, as well, where the sheep invade and kill the humans... and the puns just keep on rolling, including references to baa-baa black sheep. .

Custom orders requesting other colors schemes for sheep, shields, and sails are welcome.

  • Ewe Boat "Sheep Shot"octopus
  • Black Sheep "Sheep Shot"octopus
  • "Sheep Shot"octopus
  • "Sheep Shot" on Black Clayoctopus
  • Gray Sheep "Sheep Shot"octopus
Miniature Cup, aka "Sheep Shot"
2-4oz handless cup
  • Viking Sheep Cupoctopus
  • Ewe Boat Viking Sheep Cupoctopus
Medium Cup
14-16oz handless cup
  • Viking Sheep Mugoctopus
  • Viking Black Sheep Mugoctopus
  • Viking Sheep Mug on Black Clayoctopus
  • Ewe Boat Viking Sheep Mugoctopus
16oz handled cup
  • Baa-baa Black Sheep Ewe Boat Bowloctopus
5" across
  • Ewe Boat Plateoctopus
9-10" dinner plate
  Baa-Ewe Serving Bowl
7-8" across
  • Baa-ewe Tapestry Baking Dishoctopus
  • Baa-ewe Tapestry Baking Dishoctopus
  • Baa-ewe Tapestry Baking Dishoctopus
Baa-Ewe Casserole
7-8" across
1-person Setting
Plate, bowl, & 14oz handless cup     $80
Plate, bowl, & 16oz handled mug     $85
Set Option

History & Documentation

Animals as People in Period ManuscriptThese are Reannag Teine original designs. Though these patterns are not period, they do follow in the tradition of drolleries and the Bayeux Tapestry. At left are medieval manuscript depictions of a hound and hare jousting and a procession of rabbits.

For more in the tradition of drolleries and the Bayeux Tapestry & this silly string of bad puns, we also have the Dogs of War and Viking Kitties.

Also available are some of our sheep and other fiber animal patterns on Redwolf Brooches.

Round Brooch, Alpaca/Llama Round Brooch, Sheep Round Brooch, Goat Round Brooch, Rabbit

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