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Founded in May 2004 by a mother-daughter team, Reannag Teine is a small family pottery business located on the far northern coast of California. That is home to the studio, at least; much of our time in the warmer months is spent traveling to medieval events, Scottish games, and Renaissance faires throughout the Northwest.
It all started as a loose collection of hobbies. Since grade school, Sarah loved drawing Celtic knotwork and playing with graphics programs and Elizabeth made pottery for the fun of it. Bored and watching her mother throw on the wheel, Sarah asked to draw on the bisqued pots, and the Celtic-decorated pottery began.

Now Elizabeth throws the pieces and paints the designs while Sarah sketches the designs onto the pieces and develops more designs and does graphics and websites. Mainly, it is the two of us: the potter and the graphic artist, that make up the core of Reannag Teine—and the pair of clay-loving cats inspecting the in-progress pieces. Sarah’s brother, Christopher, deals with the technology both at home and in the booth, creates the Eyeball Monsters, makes dice, colors game pieces, and helps expedite things in a myriad of ways. This business grew to be our way of life and our means of making a living.

Elizabeth painting while Anara inspects Our Work Sarah & Desi
Beautiful yet durable enough for everyday, Reannag Teine pottery is all individually hade-made and painted freehand--no stencils used. All our pottery is safe for all food and drink, as well as being oven-safe, dishwasher-safe, and microwave-safe. It’s important to us that our pottery is not just pretty, but usable too, so we use the highest grade of food-safe glazes and make the pieces sturdy enough for years of use and travel. Solid enough for the medieval re-enactors but created to please modern sensibilities, our designs are a blend drawn from historical sources and our own original work. Our pieces bear our dragon-triquetra maker's mark stamped onto the bottom--but a rare few also bear feline footprints (see the information on our "inspector pets").

While we started out with just functional pottery, we branched into ceramic pendants (initially for the kids), then game sets and Weights & Beads . The designs branched out into coloring books and taking on graphic design projects for individuals and other companies--which in turn branched out into hand-painted signs.

Thanks to everyone who has encouraged us and are still encouraging us--and sending us new ideas and further requests--especially those who, after having bought their pieces, came back giving to us the stories of how they use and love their pieces. With the work that goes into the pottery, it’s great to hear of them again and see them in use as we travel about.
Wherever an open bucket of goopy clay sits open or a camera is aimed, there Anara will be. The Clay Kitty strikes again! Whether it is insisting to be petted with slip-covered hands fresh from wheelwork or sitting on the piece about to be painted or trying to sniff up the spout of a teapot--from the inside--Anara is intrigued with every step of the process. And if we aren't doing it when she wants, she will yowl and yowl…
She's been joined by her sister Desi, though she's more interested in splashing in water than rolling in clay--that and leaving her footprints in plates and creating desiasters... And due to, ahem, explorations, we have the occasional catastrophe.

Our cats are Bengals, a great and very interactive hybrid of domestic varieties and Asian Leopard Cat. Visit the International Bengal Cat Society to learn more. Ours were bred by JungleKatz in central California.
Desi, the cat-astrophe waiting to happen Anara the Inspector Cat

Customer Testimonials

"One of the nice little side effects of doing historical reenactment is that many of the 'everyday' items that are needed to flesh out the material culture of your period of interest need to be made by skilled artisans - and those objects can be a real source of wonder.

Case in point - this cup and jug, made in the style of 16th century Ottoman Turkey Iznik ware.by the wonderful ladies of Reannag Teineg pottery. Simple, everyday items, handmade with a great deal of skill - the...y help get me in the right mindset.

RT is ALWAYS my very first stop in the marketplace - since their Iznik ware is amazing, and only a small part of their wide range of historic ceramics - I need to make sure I get there before 'my stuff' gets picked through... :)

I bought myself the cup, and later came back to the pavilion to find that my BFF had bought me the matching jug. :) Nice reminders of an excellent week spent with friends." --Middle-eastern historian and reenactor

"Floor-tested, Viking approved" --the original Viking cup order

"I've been using your pottery for years now--and the only things that have broken were the pieces I didn't get from you." --another traveling merchant

"The plates are beautiful. They loved [the plates]..." --a pair of gift-givers

"...You do wonderful work... and thanks again for making my daughter's and mine holidays brighter." --custom device set in time for Christmas

"GREAT!!!!!!" --custom bathroom tiles

"I just wanted to let you know my friend received the mug and she loves it! Thank you for doing such a beautiful job, it is perfect!" --gifted custom-ordered Macabre mug

"I just got the plate today and it's absolutely beautiful!" --Triple-Raven plate in red ordered at Enumclaw Highland Games

"To all who read these presents be it known that Reannag Teine, proprietors being Elsbeth Cameron and Sarre Greyhand are Royal Potters to Sumayya min Yibna. May all who read these letters know this entity has my protection and full support. Dated this 27th Day of May A.S 46."--SCA scroll from Sumayya min Yibna

"It was fun meeting you and your, "clan" at the games in Pleasanton a few weeks ago... Please thank your son for helping to create so much fun!" --purchaser of two Eyeball monsters

"I just received the goblets. OMG! They are fab, fab, FABULOUS! I love them! The guys are going to love them too. Thank you so much for doing so much work at the last minute! Thank You!" --holiday rush order

"Reannag Teine, Purveyor of Fine Pottery to the Prince and Princess of the Mists"--SCA scroll from Ajax & Uta, 2012

"It is fantastic. It's heavy, it's durable, and it's pretty. I cannot endorse their work enough. Camping or at home, we love the two we have." -- FB post

"The pottery was a gift for my father who has a birthday in a few days. We had to give it to him a little early. Everyone is surprised with the set. Everything is perfect, the pottery is very much hand thrown and alive, and the drawing is wonderful. We put it to use immediately!!!"  -- 8 place-setting family arms set

"Holy Cr.p (excuse my language) THAT is friggin amazing. Folks look carefully, that is not everyday stuff... That is mind blowing. I could bury that for a week in clay soil. Wash it partially and display it in a museum case and it would fool most people, if I get the little card in front of it right."

"Exquisite and understated. Would not elicit a second thought from a person in period."

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